Welcome to Zimbabwe!

Zimbabwe is a stunning destination that lets you get closer to nature than you'd ever have imagined! Whether it is your first awe-inspiring sight of a majestic lion roaming free in its natural habitat or a trip to see the dramatic Victoria Falls, the country never ceases to amaze. Rivers cut the landscape and the mighty Zambezi and Limpopo feed areas in the north and south, respectively. Your holiday memories are likely to include wonderful snapshots of visits to the Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Park, Great Zimbabwe's ruins, bungee jumping, canoe safaris, friendly locals and welcoming Zimbabwe hotels!

The scenic country of Zimbabwe is located in South Central Africa, and despite being landlocked, has lush vegetation and some of the continent's most beautiful countryside.

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Zimbabwe shares borders with Mozambique in the east and north, Zambia in the north and northwest, Botswana in the southwest and South Africa in the south. Much of the country is plateau, with as much as three-fourths of the land ranging from a height of 610 m or 2000 ft above sea level to 1525 m or 5000 ft above sea level. Almost the entire land is above 305 m or 1000 ft high. Use our Zimbabwe map to choose your hotel in Zimbabwe based on its location.

Zimbabwe's single most popular tourist atrraction is the Victoria Falls area. Towering high above the ground, these falls are a true natural wonder. The High Veld region is essentially a chain of low mountains that connect the country's two biggest cities and is home to the bulk of Zimbabwe's population. The Zambezi Gorge is another natural spectacle and the sight of a 2 km wide rush of water cascading down to create a curtain of mist can be seen from as far as 32 km away.

This region is also hailed as the adventure capital of Africa and there are plenty of thrills waiting to be had. Take your pick from white water rafting, a 111 m or 364 ft bungee jump into the Zambezi Gorge off a bridge, joy rides in small aircrafts, game safaris and Zimbabwe tours or cruises above the waterfalls.

Animal life thrives here in the vast outdoors of the Zambezi Valley region, and the region around Lake Kariba is especially rich in its population of buffaloes, elephants, lions, rhinos, crocodiles and hippos. You can also add to your tour in Zimbabwe a spot of fishing at the lake which doubles up a source of hydro electric power for the country. Pretty islands break the surface of the water, and forests and mountains form a picturesque backdrop to the lake. Rent a houseboat and sit back and enjoy the beauty of the sunsets on the lake, pack in some water sports and watch the animals lounge around watching you!

Unlike traditional safaris, travellers here don't need to confine themselves to land alone. Take a canoe safari up the river to explore some especially unusual wildlife and get closer to the animals in their natural habitat. The Mana Pools National Park is particularly exceptional. The country's biggest game reserve, though, can be found n the grassy slopes of the plains and saltpans of the Hwange National Park.

Sadly, political, economic and social issues have dampened the enthusiasm of many potential visitors who are worried about safety and the availability of conveniences. Not making a trip here, though, will mean denying yourself the opportunity to see some of the most breathtaking scenery on truly amazing game safaris. Remember, the national parks and most tourist areas are relatively safe and unaffected by the political situation. However, a little caution won't go amiss. You may even strike some excellent bargains on your stay at the game lodges and hotels in Zimbabwe, many of which have slashed their rates to bring back travellers.

Colonial traditions continue to live on in Zimbabwe, though local culture is fast overtaking them and visitors can experience cultural diversity at its best. Zimbabwe occupies lands that were once home to some of Africa's oldest and greatest civilizations of the 13th and 14th centuries. Bantu tribes moved here from the north during the 10th century and led a largely pastoral life. The ruins of Great Zimbabwe near Masvingo are open to visitors interested in getting a glimpse into the past.

Zimbabwe, though not as cheap as it once was, has plenty of great deals for Zimbabwe hotels and tours in Zimbabwe and experiences that are truly priceless. Its natural beauty and wildlife, its adventure sport options and tranquillity, all remain untarnished by any changes in its political, social and economic canvas.